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bon vivant, epicure, epicurean, foodie, gastronome, gourmet – a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink)

⊆October 12th, 2007
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We are a diverse company looking to expand into more affiliate markets and new opportunities. We are currently shifting gears a bit and building more sites for ourselves. Our interests are focused on health/fitness, action sports, high tech industries, and underground cultures. We know websites and web users, its time to leverage all that we’ve [...]

⊆February 10th, 2010

The Latest: As the affiliate marketing industry matures will it retain…

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As the affiliate marketing industry matures will it retain that “wild west” anything-goes feel? The sense that anyone can jump in and compete with enterprise level companies while sitting at home in their pajamas is one of the the great lures that has fed the accelerated development of this thriving niche industry.

While established individuals and companies strive for professionalism and excellence will the doors begin to close for the new and uninitiated?

We will be attending this years Affiliate Summit (however we would greatly appreciate an additional gold pass sponsorship so that two of us can cover the event!) and on our return will be branching this blog into two more focused blogs. One featuring distilled and focused information for those already in the industry, and the other with information on how to get started – effectively, efficiently, and NOW. Each blog will also cover some of the best offers we’ve discovered at the Affiliate Summit for their respective group, so stay tuned & we’ll see you in your PJ’s.

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